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College Planning & Funding

College Planning & Funding

College planning is a complicated journey which requires a serious investment of time and energy, or the knowledge of an expert. You can certainly do it all yourself, but we don't recommend practicing on your child. Mistakes during this time can have costly consequences!

With years of expertise, we can make the process as smooth as possible for you and your student while maximizing their options.

We use proven strategies that reduce out-of-pocket expenses and help families find the right school, for the right reasons, at a price much lower than the average parent will end up paying.

To learn how we can help you achieve the best outcome for you and your student, watch our introductory video and schedule your FREE consultation by clicking on the button below. 

During Your Free Consultation, We'll Answer Vitally Important Questions Every Parent With a College-Bound Student MUST Know: 

How do I find schools that are a good academic, geographical and financial fit for my student?
Will we have to pay the school's sticker price?
How important is it to know what major to pursue from the start?
Are we candidates for financial aid? How much can we expect?
Can we improve our financial aid package?
Are 529 College Savings Plans the right choice?
Should they take the SAT or ACT?
Is our student eligible for merit-based scholarships? How do we obtain them?

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

Personalized Financial Advice 

We provide you with strategic college funding advice in the areas of: Cost Management, Financial Aid, Student Loans, Savings Options, Education Tax Breaks and Cash Management. 

Student Academic Services 

Our team of college planning experts assist students throughout the entire admissions process, including: career assessment, filing financial aid forms, test prep, financial aid awards analysis and more.

Ongoing Support 

Communication is key. Once we assess your unique situation, our team will be with you throughout the entire process, and will be available for any questions you might have, every step of the way. 

We're here to help

We're here to help

Our mission is to help families with the academic and financial components of the college admissions journey. If you and your student are serious about learning how to make the best decisions for your student's future, don't hesitate to get in touch!